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Welcome to Acital. A Complete Software Solution for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Coaching Classes .

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Responsive web interface and Powerful admin dashboard

Acital web based app give you much power to manage your educational trust.

Web Application

Acital is a powerful web application, you don't need 2GB ram and Minimum 500MB of disk space in c drive. You can access it from any pc with Internet Browser!

Powerful Admin

Now being an Administrator is not a big task, to manage Acital just sit and relax yourself, Acital administration is completely Easy and Automated.

Not Only WEB

Acital is not only a Web Application, It is also available for top mobile operating systems as a Hybrid Mobile App & Windows 8 and Chrome Application.

You can also make money by Building apps for Acital Platform.. Try Acital for Developers

Our application will works no matter where you are

You can use our application at anywhere in the world.
Acital WEB works on mobile device too.





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